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How to choose the right
condensed milk

Condensed milk is considered to be the most useful sweets, since it contains a lot of calcium and other minerals and vitamins, but unlike many other sweet foods it does not contain yeast and food additives.

While choosing condensed milk, be careful, because there are a lot of counterfeits on the shelves. According to GSTU, the true condensed milk is called “Sweetened condensed whole milk”, and can not be otherwise named. If you see a jar with the name “Condensed milk with sugar”, “Condensed milk”, (many options), know that in front of you – a fake!

In such condensed milk, in order to reduce its cost, instead of natural milk fat, various vegetable fats are added, for example, palm oil, which is harmful to the human body, as well as various food additives. Remember, if the composition of the product, except milk and sugar, is something else – this is a harmful product.

The color of the condensed milk should be white with a cream tinge. If it is light brown, it means that the technology of manufacturing this product has been violated. The consistency of the condensed milk should not be too liquid – this indicates that from the very beginning there was too little protein in the raw materials. And if the product is too thick, then it contains a lot of vegetable fats, or it was stored at high temperature. The flavor of condensed milk should resemble pasteurized milk without foreign odors.

Condensed milk of TM “Sladosvit” is made according to all norms and standards. And the product “Condensed boiled natural milk with nut flavor” is the winner of the contest “Cherkassy quality-2016”.

The product is used directly in food, or for confectionery needs. Of course, not all vitamins can withstand the temperature treatment. But micro- and macronutrients in condensed milk remain. Moreover – due to the concentration of the product, the content of micro- and macronutrients is several times higher than their content in milk. For example, calcium in milk – 120 mg, and in condensed milk – 307 mg per 100 grams. What other useful vitamins and minerals are there in condensed milk? Basically, calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, chlorine and fluorine. From vitamins – vitamin A, vitamins of group B, vitamin H (biotin), PP (niacin, nicotinic acid) and choline. Calcium in combination with phosphorus helps strengthen teeth and bones, potassium and sodium (especially along with glucose) help mental activity, strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Condensed milk is recommended to be used by donors and people of mental labor, to restore the body and improve mental performance.