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About the benefits of butter from “Sladosvit”

According to the latest research of British and American scientists, 50 grams of butter TM “Sladosvit” contains in its composition a third of the daily norm of vitamin A, which is necessary for the body to function properly and the immune system. Also in the oil are vitamins D, K, E, PP, as well as B vitamins necessary for bone growth, dental health, hair and skin, support of the nervous system and reproductive organs. Also, oil contains about 40% monounsaturated oleic acid and 150 more fatty acids, including 20 essential. Natural butter also contains proteins, carbohydrates, potassium, calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, sodium, zinc.

With butter, buckwheat porridge becomes more useful and tasty, and in semolina porridge it is simply necessary, because parents are very fond of giving these cereals to children, and they excrete calcium from the body.

Scientists came to the conclusion that if you eat a few pieces of bread and butter every day, it will not lead to an increase in cholesterol, because butter (thanks to linoleic acid, which keeps the amount of cholesterol at a constant level) reduces the total fat contained in the blood. This fact is important for patients with atherosclerosis. Thus, a slice of unleavened bread with butter, with a slice of boiled chicken breast or a piece of fish fillet, with cucumber, tomato, green salad, bell pepper and a sprig of greens is an ideal option for breakfast. Such a sandwich is useful for those who suffer from heart disease, blood vessels, digestive tract, diabetes and obesity.

In addition, the oil is able to treat women from infertility and significantly affects the quality of sperm in men. It improves the skin condition necessary for vision, tooth enamel, protecting it from damage due to high concentration of vitamin D.

It’s butter that helps restore normal metabolism and will never lead to obesity, of course, if you do not get carried away with butter rolls. And for high caloric content, it provides the body with strength and energy. Without the participation of cholesterol, the brain reacts to serotonin (a hormone that generates joy), which leads to deep depression, directly affecting the growth and quality of the skin and hair. Oleic acid, contained in oil, helps reduce the risk of cancer diseases. During seasonal ARVI and influenza, the amount of butter per day should be increased to 60 g. This will increase immunity and protect against infections.