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In the PE “Imperial-plus” they showed the youth how the enterprise works

The company “Imperial Plus”, which is located on the left coast of the Cherkasy region, is engaged in the production and marketing of high-quality condensed whole milk (TM “Sladosvit”). Thanks to the expansion of manufactory and the acquisition of modern equipment, the range has been increased. Production of TM “Sladosvit” is becoming more popular in the domestic market of the country. “The Business Region” writes about this.

The administration and the collective of the enterprise constantly work on expansion of assortment, introduction of new production technologies and improvement of product quality. Chernobayevsky regional employment center helps popularize vacant workplaces in the enterprise.

The other day the chief accountant of the enterprise Zhanna Beskrovna and the inspector of the personnel department Oksana Khomenko met on the enterprise’s base with the pupils of the 10-11 grades and acquainted them with the prospects of the enterprise development, working conditions, payment system, as well as conducted an excursion by the enterprise, saw the shops for the production of condensed milk and poppy filling.

“Beacause of the expansion of production, we have vacant workplaces for a quaker of syrups and two workers in a dairy shop,” Oksana Oksana said and conducted an individual interview with all those interested in this proposal.

As a result of the event, the management of the enterprise and the employment center agreed on the possibility of internships for young people with subsequent employment at the enterprise “Imperial Plus” in the near future, “the Chernobayevsky RCZ reported.

Source: http://dr.ck.ua, https://cherkasy24.info